TDC Contemplates Future Without Special Events Organizer

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On Thursday the Tourist Development Council's Special Events Coordinator, Paul Goulding, resigned from his job.

Goulding, who'd only been with the TDC for a little more than two years, was in charge of organizing and promoting the TDC's Indian Summer Festival, featuring food from some of the area's finest restaurants, carnival attractions, top name country music acts and regional talent.

This year the TDC lost $180,000 in revenue from the event, and although TDC officials say Goulding wasn't entirely to blame, someone had to be held accountable.

"Mr. Goulding was doing a good job, but unfortunately the position was not as successful as we wanted it to be. His resignation was mutually decided," says Bob Warren, TDC's executive director.

Now some TDC members want to cut their losses and get out of the events planning business.

"The Indian Summer Festival needs to be brought in under a certain cost structure, and that needs to be done by a private, professional company. They can cut corners because they do events in volume," says Bob Blackerby, a TDC board member.

Others would like to see a scaled down version of the Indian Summer Festival.

"We don't need the $50,000 tents, the $50,000 worth of stage equipment or the $100,000 stage act. We can scale down and still have a quality event," says Warren.

Warren says he won't hire another special events coordinator until they decide whether or not they need one.

In an e-mail sent to Newschannel 7, Goulding says he plans to stay in the area for an opportunity in the private sector.