Defining Marriage

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Already this election year, 11 states approved bans on same-sex marriage. Mississippi, Montana and Oregon specifically defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Even health textbooks in Texas are getting updated to define marriage.
The Reverend Gregory George from Gulf Beach Baptist Church says gay marriage goes against the values of the church.

"It's just a compromise of the moral structure and foundation. To do that, at least to me, is to do injustice to what is best for the society and that's my reason for being against it,” explains Rev. George.

Monday and Tuesday, Florida’s southern Baptists will meet at its annual convention and push to define marriage in the state constitution.

Rev. George says this country has become divided, and this is a key issue.

"I do believe since the exit polls. I think showed eight to one that the reason people voted the way they voted was due to moral concerns. It definitely has a very strong implication that there is a moral structure that people desire in this country,” Rev. George adds.

Those who would like to see same-sex marriage or civil unions allowed are concerned their civil rights are being violated, but for now, same-sex marriage is not certified by the state of Florida and strict definitions could be on the planning board.