500 to 600 Local Airline Christmas Travelers Still Searching for Their Luggage

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Even regional airports around the Panhandle are suffering from the mess caused by flight delays and cancellations in some of the larger cities during the Christmas holiday weekend.

Flight delays and cancellations ran rampant this holiday traveling season, leaving hundreds of people without their luggage once they arrive to their destination.

Officials with U.S. Airways at the Panama City-Bay County International Airport say there are still hundreds of baggage claims to be handled between the three airlines.

The situation reportedly began Thursday due to bad weather and an unusually high volume of sick calls from baggage handlers and flight attendants, especially from U.S. Airways, but it affected a number of airlines in the end.

Airline officials say at least 500 claims have been made at the Panama City Airport, and they say the situation is the same at airports across the Panhandle.

U.S. Airways officials say they've been working around the clock to solve the luggage situation, and say Monday was much less worse than the past few days.

So when can local travelers expect to get their lost luggage? At other times of the year airline officials say it would only take until the end of their traveling day.

But of course with flight delays and cancellations, the luggage has been piling up at larger airports in Atlanta and Memphis. Airline officials here say be patient; your luggage should come within two days.