Crist in Panama City

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Florida's state attorney general was in town Monday for the annual Conference Education Program for Florida prosecutors. Before the conference Charlie Crist spoke with Newschannel Seven about several election issues involving his office.

Crist says they started dealing with lawsuits about voter fraud before the election and will continue to do so. He says he was more impressed with the election process than four years ago.

"We, we dealt with a lot of those election lawsuit issues before the election and I think we won all of them actually, so we're very pleased that what happened at the end of the day is that this thing didn't get all lawyered up, that democracy stayed in the hands of the people where it should be."

He also spoke about how the state survived a horrible hurricane season, but he ensures the victims will be protected in the aftermath. Christ says with House Speaker Allan Bense's help they can rely on legislative reform to better protect Florida's citizens.

"It's historic that we got hit with four hurricanes. We need to make sure they're able to rebuild as quickly as possible with fair prices. That will represent them well that they won't have these double deductibles to have to deal with. I'm encouraged about what the Legislature will do, especially with speaker Bense's leadership."