Adult Biz

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Panama City commissioners are discussing a law that will make sure you keep your clothes on and regulate those who take their clothes off in three new city ordinances.

Bay County passed a similar law four years ago, but Panama City isn’t stopping there. In Monday night’s first public reading, commissioners are getting their first look at three new laws aimed to prevent sex related crimes.

Another ordinance will establish a new adult entertainment district. The district will require these businesses to distance themselves from schools, parks, churches and bars, but Mayor Gerry Clemons says the reason for these laws is to prevent tourists from seeing these clubs as they drive through our city.

City commissioners believe adult entertainment businesses can be accompanied with illegal, immoral or unhealthy activities. The big question remains, who gets to decide what's immoral or unhealthy for those who live in Bay County?

A current business owner who will be grandfathered in says this only invites more businesses to come to the area. These are not laws yet. There is another public reading and hearing before the commissioners vote to approve or disregard these proposed laws.