Jeb Bush Says Count Him Out in Two Years

Jeb Bush says forget all the rumors and speculation, he has no plans to run for high office when he leaves the governor’s office in two years.

Some republicans have been urging him to challenge U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, or even run for president, but Gov. Bush says that’s not going to happen and he told NewsChannel Seven he’s getting a bit tired of the questions.

“I am not running, this is not newsworthy, but let me just do this so maybe they will stop e-mailing me. I am not running for the Senate in 2006, and I’m not running for president in 2008. I will be your governor for two more years and I intend to carry out my duties with enthusiasm, passion, a dose of humility and a lot of hard work, and that is it.”

Jeb Bush’s tenure as Florida governor comes to an end in two years. He cannot run for re-election again because of term limits maxing him out after eight years as the state’s chief executive.