FHP Medals

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The Florida Highway Patrol honored several of their own on Wednesday.

Three members from Marianna have earned the Medal of Valor for their heroic actions in the line of duty.

Sgt. J.D. Johnson won his award for his handling of a December 2002 Malone Bank robbery and high speed chase, a case that ended with the robber committing suicide.

Corporal Rick Warden and Trooper Milton Brown received awards for coming to the aide of an officer from the Bonifay Police Department.

Officer Steven Lee was shot in action this past March and had to call for backup. When Warden and Brown arrived on the scene they found Lee shot and the suspect still pointing the rifle in Lee's direction.

"I was out of it when Trooper Warden arrived and was able to place his car between me and the suspect. The suspect was still approaching me with his high-powered rifle. He had managed to hit me a couple times in the lower abdomen and the shoulder which paralyzed the left side of my leg,” Lee recalls.

Corporal Warden and Trooper Brown are credited with saving Lee's life. Officer Lee says that he's looking forward to recovering from his injuries and getting back to work.