Gay Lawsuit

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In August we told you about a gay Lee County couple that filed suit against their Clerk of the Court for not granting them a marriage license.

Now that couple, and six others from around the state are facing a lawsuit from a group called the Liberty Counsel, that group includes the Holmes County Clerk of the Court.

Cody Taylor is not usually talking about state issues but, lately he has had no choice.

"Florida law 741 prohibits same-sex marriage in the state of Florida, but there's been some filed in the state, in state court and federal court asking to overturn that law,” explains Holmes County Clerk of Court Cody Taylor.

He says that he was asked by the Liberty Counsel to become apart of the lawsuit against the same sex couple that challenged their local Clerk of the Court for upholding the state law.

"These folks contacted me and basically said you may have to fight this battle at some point and if you do, the county will have to pay your attorney fees. We will fight it now and we will pay the attorney fees and it won't cost the citizens of Holmes County any money,” Taylor says.

For some Floridians like Shonda Elrod who wishes that things were different, the entire debate about gay marriage is getting tiresome. She hopes that one day the state will just define same sex couples as a civil union.

"I've had enough of it, just give us a union, you know give gay people a union, where you can have rights to children, medical benefits, things such as that and leave it alone,” Elrod comments.

For now Cody Taylor and others have filed at least seven lawsuits statewide, calling them pre-emptive strikes against attempts to legalize gay marriage.

Gays trying to get married in Florida are fighting the battle on more than one front. Florida Baptist also approved a resolution Wednesday calling for a state constitutional ban on gay marriage.

At this, Gov. Bush has stated that with the current law in place he does not believe the issue should be voted on.