Oyster Infection Blamed for Death

Our area is known for its great seafood, including oysters, but eating oysters raw has proven deadly for a Wewahitchka man.

The 39-year-old man died last Friday from a bacterial infection known as vibrio vulnificus, which is common among oysters if not cooked. Health officials did not identify the man publicly.

According to research experts, oysters are filter feeders. That means they take in water and filter it through. The bacterium doesn’t pose a threat to most people.

But to the man who died in Wewahitchka and others who have either an immune deficiency or chronic liver problem, it can be potentially fatal.

Bay County Health Department officials say oysters are ok to eat for those with health issues if they're properly cooked, but they stress they are not to be eaten raw by people with health problems.