Panhandle Brothers Rescue Woman Hours After Father's Funeral

Shortly after attending their father's funeral, two brothers leaped into East Bay at Parker to rescue a distraught woman who had jumped off the old DuPont (Tyndall) bridge.

Charles and Benny Watts saved her after a botched suicide attempt Wednesday at Earl Gilbert Park in Parker.

Paramedics took the woman to the hospital with minor injuries, and Parker police were planning to have her held for mental health observation under the state Baker Act.

The Watts brothers had gone to the Old DuPont Bridge, a popular fishing spot on East Bay, part of the St. Andrew Bay system, with their wives after their father's burial earlier in the day.

They saw a white car drop off the woman who then smoked a cigarette and stared into the bay. She chatted with Charles, a 23-year-old sailor stationed at Lemoore, Calif., and paced along the bridge.

"I told my brother, 'This chick's kinda weird,’" said Benny, 20, as he wrung water from his pants. "She was just acting weird, saying strange things. She asked my brother how deep the water was, then just jumped in."

The woman went under and then came to the top, floating on her back, witnesses said. She first said she wanted to die, then cried for help, Charles said.

Once Charles jumped in, he said the current began pulling him and the woman farther into the bay. He yelled for his brother and another man to help and they pulled the woman to a piling. By then, the Coast Guard had a boat in the water and emergency personnel were swarming the park.