Reddoch Remembered

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Jackson County lost one of its most prominent citizens and successful businessmen Thursday in an unfortunate accident, and many people in Jackson County will remember Bill Reddoch as mentor and friend.

If you asked anyone who knew him, they'll credit him with building Jackson County. People and nothing thrilled him anymore than helping a young person get started or helping a young person do a project or do something that that young person was involved in.

Jamey Westbrook says, "He was a common man with an uncommon touch and he was just like and loved by everyone."

Ninety-year-old Bill Reddoch was the victim of a tractor accident on his farm Wednesday. He'll be remember a person who to pleasure in the success of others.

Bob Pforte says, "I can honestly say if it wasn't for Mr. Reddoch, I don't think that I'd ever accomplish the things that I accomplished in this town, and not only me, Mr. Reddoch helped them through his bank connections and his business connections and just being a friend."

A black ribbon is draped on the door hear arrowhead campsite that Bill Reddoch once owned before selling to his daughter. Store clerks say he still spent most of his time here.

Richard Spires says, "In fact, the telephone has been ringing the wall today, people that really knows him and likes him."

Beverly Schollian adds, "He'd sit and have his crackers and soda and he'd say he's gonna sit and watch the world go by. That was his favorite saying.

Though he is lost to the community many will agree that his spirit will live on in others. The tractor ran over Mr. Reddoch when he and a helper were try to fix it. He was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Dothan where he died moments later.

Funeral arrangements are being made at Marianna Chapel Funeral Home in Marianna.