Audie Murphy's Cousin

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Thursday was Veterans Day and a time to remember those who made sacrifices for our nation.

For one Cottondale woman it was a time to share the memory of one this country's most decorated heroes, her cousin Audie Murphy.

Veterans gathered in Cottondale Thursday to honor the relative of a local resident who happens to be a movie and the most decorated soldier in World War II.

"He was not a person who wanted to be considered a hero,” shares Audie Murphy’s cousin Margaret Braxton.

But to many, that's exactly what Audie Murphy was.

"There is a lot of folks that selfishly give up themselves and that's who Audie Murphy was. He didn't take credit for what he had to do and that's what makes heroes,” shares Wayne Cooke, CMDR AVP 231.

Audie Murphy was the recipient of every medal of valor that the Army had to offer and after his service in World War II, he enjoyed a successful acting career.

In the film, "To Hell and Back" he really wanted people to know that it was not about him. It was about everybody, all those who served in the military. Audie Murphy played himself in the film. He has more than 40 movie titles to his credit.

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