Rain and Speeding Blamed for Rash of I-10 Wrecks and Two Fatalities

A Raleigh, North Carolina family suffers a tragedy while driving through northwest Florida.

Two people were killed in a single car accident on Interstate 10 in Okaloosa County Thursday afternoon.

According the Florida Highway Patrol, 21-year-old Cesar Perez Lopez was driving westbound on I-10 south of Crestview when he lost control on the rain slick highway and ran off into the median where the vehicle overturned. He was killed, as was a passenger in the SUV, 55-year-old Evelia Benitez-Hugarte.

Another adult passenger survived the crash but is in a Crestview hospital with serious injuries.

A four-year-old child and two-year-old survived the accident without injuries since they were secured in their car seats.

Troopers say during the two-hour period before this fatal crash Thursday afternoon they already had responded to eight separate crashes within a 10-mile stretch of the interstate. All eight of the crashes were single vehicle accidents with drivers traveling too fast in rainy weather conditions.