OSHA Wraps Up Investigation Into Crane Accident and Begins Another

After just more than a month, the Occupational Safety and Heath Administration has wrapped up its investigation into a construction crane collapse in St. Andrew.

OSHA investigators found the person operating the crane was not qualified to do so. The operator, according to OSHA, was not trained and had very little experience in working a crane of that size.

The report states the unqualified operator got the giant crane’s arm going too fast and it buckled when he tried to stop it. The crane toppled onto the top of a multi-story condominium project being built at 10th Street and Beck Ave. Several workers were hospitalized for their injuries.

NewsChannel Seven has learned OSHA is now looking into another crane collapse at the same condo construction site in last few days.

Eyewitnesses say a somewhat smaller crane fell against the building after dropping a large bucket of cement into St. Andrew Bay.

Brice Building Company and Landmark General Construction confirm the latest accident but say no one was injured.