Sewer Nemesis

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Population growth means an increase in basic services like water, electricity and sewage, but a wastewater treatment plant isn't everyone's idea of a good neighbor.

Several citizens from the neighboring town of Cypress packed the Town Hall meeting in Grandridge Thursday night to hear the status of a grant the city is getting to construct a sewage system and a possible waste treatment plant.

"It is our understanding as a group of concerned citizens, that which is due Monday would require a proposed site for this waste treatment facility," says James Barwick, Grandridge mayor-elect.

Citizens of Cypress fear this area, which is near a subdivision, could be used as site for sewage plant and spray field.

"The citizens of that subdivision are very concerned about the negative affects this waste water treatment facility and the accompanying spray field influent material, which is a biologically and environmentally hazardous material."

City officials say that nothing has been put on paper about a sight, but they are glad to see people are concerned.

"There are not even proposed sights at this point. They're just sights that some communities have concerns about. Hopefully we addressed them tonight to set some minds at ease."

Grandridge currently has around 1,200 citizens and 400 water connections. If and when the sewer system is built there are plans to run it into Cypress as well.

Wastewater treatment issues are nothing new to Jackson County. The government recently forced Marianna to build an irrigation field after it halted dumping in the Chipola River.