Marianna/Jackson County Looks at Liquor by the Drink

If you live in Jackson County, you may have gotten a petition in the mail or seen them at your local gas station.

It's a petition that will allow voters to decide on whether or not liquor should be served by the drink.

Winston Stuart, who heads the Liquor by the Drink Committee, says if the issue fails to make it onto the ballot this spring it would not mean the end of it.

"If we win lose or draw as far as getting names for this petition, we're going to renew the petition getting as soon as this campaign is over."

Stuart says there’s some confusion on the issue, but he said it’s simple.

"We are not voting to go wet. We are not voting to go dry. Everything will remain as is. What we are trying to do is get it put on the ballot by the county commission."

Currently they have close to 4,000 of the 7,000 signatures needed to get the issue on the ballot, but with a January 28 deadline and some citizens that simply oppose liquor by the drink in restaurants, a spring ballot may not be likely.

Jackson County resident Richard Hooppell doesn’t think it will pass.

"Will if it's on the ballot and we vote for it, which ever way fine, but I don't think it's going to go through. The good people of this county won't allow that."

Stuart says he’s continuing with the petition drive.

“Some way or another, we're going to be able to hopefully let the general public, the registered voters in Jackson County vote yes or no."