Indian Pottery Dating 700 BC Found at Panhandle Condo Site

Archaeologists have found pieces of rare Indian pottery dating between 400 and 700 BC at the site of a proposed condominium complex in downtown Fort Walton Beach.

Lead archaeologist Frank Servello said the decorated rims of the pottery are very unusual for that period of the early Weedon Island culture.

The decorations indicate the plates and bowls were used by wealthy people.

The Prentice Thomas and Associates archaeologists also found shells and bones and kill pots in which holes had been punched to free the spirits of the potters or perhaps seal deals.

Servello said the development that is building the condos paid for the dig. It has a claim to the artifacts but the state could take them or they might be turned over to the Indian Temple Mound Museum across the street from the site.

The development site also contains an Indian mound that the development intends to fence off and retain.