Local Plastic Surgeon Accused of Using Fake Botox

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Federal Food and Drug Administration investigators say they found Panama City plastic surgeon Daniel Daube's name on an invoice as a purchaser of botulinum neurotoxin, which has become popular with some doctors because it is much cheaper than Botox.

The Arizona company that sells the toxin says it's intended for research only, not for human use in place of Botox. Florida Department of Health officials say Daube treated 14 patients since he bought the toxin, but he told investigators he didn't know which ones received Botox and which got a doze of the unapproved toxin.

The material, which is similar to what's used to make Botox, is blamed for paralyzing a doctor and three people he injected in Ft. Lauderdale.

In a written statement Daube says he purchased the toxin by a company he thought was reliable. He says he found out about a month ago by media reports that the product was not approved and discontinued its use.

Daube says he's confident he will be cleared of any wrongdoing. State health investigators say Daube's license will remain suspended until the medial board takes up the investigation, which won't be anytime before April of this year.