Washington County Contract

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Elections can mean shake-ups in any administration, especially local government. Some citizens in Washington County are saying two outgoing commissioners are trying to guarantee the county administrator has a job for a long time.

The 2000 election may be over, but some say two outgoing commissioners in Washington County are trying to leave their mark.

"The admin had never had a contract and he thought that with them going out that he should be given a contract to assure that he would be retained for five years," says Gerald Holley, state attorney.

Ronnie Finch will retain his seat on the Washington County Commission. He says that at last Friday's meeting he was presented with a contract for the county administrator and was expected to vote on it.

"That was strange that to me that all off a sudden we need a contract right before these two commissioners leave office."

Outgoing Commissioner John Hall presented the contract to the commission and the county attorney was available to briefly review before the commission voted.

"My feeling in was that it could possibly hurt Mr. Herbert more than it helped him and by that I meant it was it obviously angered a lot of people cause it was done at the time it was done."

The commission voted three to one to give county administrator Peter Herbert a modified version of the contract. He is will be the only county employee with one.

The other outgoing commissioner, Charles Brock, is also the county administrator's uncle by marriage.