Keychains to Fight Sexual Violence

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More than one out of every six college women says she’s been raped by someone she knows, and the Florida Department of Health hopes a new keychain can help stop the violence.

The keychains are a calling card that has 15 minutes of free airtime, along with a 30-second message when you call to activate that offers tips on prevention. The keychain also has a phone number and website where you can get help or more information.
Department of Health spokeswoman Nancy Humbert says the keychains are meant to be a conversation piece.

“We think the keychain is an excellent way because you often have your keys out, you’re sitting somewhere, you’re getting ready to go to a movie or you’re on your way to a game and it’s a natural for you to be chatting with each other and you have an important message right there in front of them, what better way to start conversation?”

Eighty percent of sexual assaults occur while either the victim or the attacker is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

For more information on protecting yourself or to get help, call toll-free 1-888-956-RAPE or log on to