That's the Ticket

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To whoever gave John Beebe tickets to Thursday’s inauguration ceremony, he just wants to say thanks.

John says, “It just came in the mail out of the blue and we're just very excited, very blessed, and very honored to be able to go.”

Wednesday, John and his family left for Washington, DC. John figures being a member of a National Republican Business Council for four years and having spoken before Congress may have played a part in getting the invite.

Once in DC they plan to see everything they can in our nation's Capitol. They'll do so under heavy security. Six thousand police officers and 7,000 military troops plan to be on hand.

“I don't blame them. In today's world that we live in they’re taking every precaution that they can to make sure this is a safe event.”

This is the first family trip for John's daughter, Ariel, who is only four months old.

“I don't know if she's going to get the full range of it all, but the honor and who we are and what America stands for is very important, and I want her to understand [what] she's inherited by being able to be born in this country.”

John says he feels like Charlie in the chocolate factory, and Wednesday he's got the golden ticket.