Washington County Gas Tax

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Gas prices continue to rise this week, but people in Washington County may soon be paying even more at the pump.

Officials in Washington County put between a rock and hard a hard place.

"The county is desperately in need of some additional funds in the road and bridge department for daily operations."

That could mean higher prices at the pump next year if a one to five cent tax on gasoline gets approved by the county commission.

"The five cent tax increase that has been thought about and discussed in the past, I think they're getting a little more serious about it now and they see the need in our public works dept. They see the need to improve the roads.

If it means fixing roads like this one that floods every time it rains some citizens say they won't mind at all.

“I think it will be a good idea because we do need the improvements on the highways and bridges and areas like that. I think it would be a good idea."

The tax would generate about $150,000 that would be used for other projects around the county as well.

"Therefore I said $50,000 in road and bridge to help with maintenance of the county roads and then $100,000 to put in an escrow account for us to use in our new road building program if we successfully follow through on that.

The county commission plans to meet next week to vote on the issue. In Washington County. Washington's board of county commissioners will present an official plan for the money that will be generated by the proposed gas tax. Voting takes place Thursday of next week.