County Opposes Lynn Haven Annexing Over Bailey Bridge

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Bay County officials may have given up the fight for Goose Bayou, but they plan to intervene in Lynn Haven before it's too late.

A developer has asked the city of Lynn Haven to annex a 22-acre piece of land that sits right on the water, northeast of the Bailey bridge.

Lynn Haven already crossed the bridge once, annexing a waterfront property where Marina Bay Condominiums now stand. Bay County staff says so is the current proposal to jump over the bridge, but Lynn Haven City Manager John Lynch says Deerpoint Lake isn't a legal barrier separating the city from the land and should be considered contingous.

Both sides agree it's fight over services and the money that could be generated by development there.

"It always boils down to revenue from the source. On annexations the county's fire services is paid for through MSBU, which is only available in unincorporated areas when property annexes that money doesn't come in to the MSBU even though the fire station might be located in the area, so it's a conflict of services," says Bay County Manager Pamela Brangaccio.

County staff plans to attend next Tuesday's commission meeting in Lynn Haven to try and stop the city from annexing across the bridge.