Delta Price Cut

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There’s good news for Bay County travelers: Delta Airlines is slashing prices. The giant and its subsidiary, ASA, cut out many flights and services. The result is 50 to 60 percent lower fares.

Many Delta passengers flying this week are wishing they could have put off their trips. Some of these travelers paid around $450 for a round-trip flight to New York, but book a flight now for February and it's only $270.

Randy Curtis, Bay County Airport Director, says, "It's a new fare structure where they have fewer fares and in many cases lower fares than what they've had in the past."

And you get the benefits, something local travelers are happy about.

Shelsea Acoveno, a traveler, says, "I think it's exciting because I like to travel and I plan to fly back home to New York a lot and to Rhode Island, so it works out well."

Michelle Mosscrop adds, "It would be a great thing to be more accessible and less expensive and easier to get to places. I think we'd see and increase in tourism."

Chad Thurner also says, "I think more people would fly out of this area instead of going to Pensacola or Tallahassee."

As always, you should shop around for the best price and you have to book early because the cheapest fares go first. Airport officials say Delta's move will definitely make most flights out of the Bay County Airport competitive with surrounding airports.