Firearm Theft

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This story began to break around noon Thursday when federal alcohol, tobacco and firearms agents and Bay County sheriff's investigators served search warrants to Mark Mullins, which are federal warrants issued by the U.S. attorney's office.

It gave agents the right to search at Gun Fun, as well as Mullins' home on Southerland Road in the Mowat Highlands subdivision.

This all centers around an antique gun.

According to the indictment, Mullins advertised a 1928 Thompson machine gun in a national gun collectors magazine. That was in June 2003.

A man named Clyde Varnson agreed to buy the gun and sent Mullins a check for $13,000. Mullins apparently cashed the check, but Varnson says he never received the gun.

The indictment says Mullins sold the gun to someone else in February of 2003, four months before he advertised the gun for sale.

Mullins could face federal charges because the transaction took place through the U.S. mail and involved a firearm.

Federal investigators weren't saying too much about the case and did not say what they were looking for at either the home or the business. We also don't know what they've seized as possible evidence.