What's Up With HD? Part 1

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Milton Brannon is what you might call an avid television watcher. He likes to watch HDTV, High Definition Television.

"After seeing HD for the first time, after that it pretty much doesn't matter what they're broadcasting, you just want to see the HD content. You'll be sitting there watching grass grow, but as long as it's in HD, hey, it looks good!" said Brannon.

Brannon and his wife bought their HDTV about a year ago. Before spending their hard-earned money on some new technology, they invested a good amount of time educating themselves on the particulars of digital television.

"Each step led to another step. It was a lot of information to try and figure out. What's going to be good and what's going to still be around in a couple of years? What's going to win out? We didn't want to buy Betamax and find out VHS wins," said Brannon.

After lots of research, Brannon and his wife bought a rear-projection HDTV. He says watching sports in HD literally brings the game into his living room.

"It's almost like having a window open and looking out the window at the game. It makes you feel like you're there."

But there's much more to digital television than a nice picture. In the next parts of "What's Up with HD" we'll take at the look at the differences in digital technology and what it means to your current television set.