Triple Pit Bull Attack

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Three dogs are locked up after attacking two people in Panama City Beach. The pit bulls apparently turned on their neighbors Thursday night, and homeowners are fighting to keep the dogs locked up for good.

A quiet neighborhood was full of commotion Thursday night when three pit bulls attacked a local couple. Charlene Audet and her boyfriend were feeding their cats when the dogs ran up.

Bridgette Foster says, “Charlene and Stan were out here on the porch feeding the cats. Then the dogs came around the corner chasing the cats. Stan ‘shooed’ them away and the one dog snapped at him, bit at him, so he took off and the dog went after him, and when he got around the side of the porch the dog latched onto his leg, bit him and that's when Stan got the knife."

Dobbs cornered the dog in the laundry room and stabbed him several times. The dogs’ owner says Shao Khan may be a big bruiser, but he wouldn't hurt a fly.

Vanessa Williams, the dogs’ owner, says, "We got him when he was seven days old. We bottle fed him and he knows not to put his mouth on any human unless it's in defense of us."

Experts say pit bulls like these aren't naturally aggressive, they just get a bad rap, but neighbors say this isn't the first time they've had to worry about the three pit bulls.

Robert Keppler, a witness, says, "He came in and knocked down my wife when she was five months pregnant and growled at her like he was going to bite her."

For now the dogs remain in quarantine for nine more days. The three pit bulls may have to adjust to a different life including muzzles when they come home.

Charlene is recovering at home with several bite wounds and stitches.