Hostage Speaks Out

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The last hostage from September's standoff at the Bay County Jail is finally speaking out about her ordeal.

Amie Hunt says four months later she's still mentally and physically tattered.

Hunt recently hired a lawyer to give her legal advice. She will not say if she plans to file a lawsuit, but says the Sheriff's Office could have ended the standoff without using deadly force.

Hunt was unintentionally shot when sheriff's SWAT Team members stormed the third floor and opened fire. She still recovering from gunshot wounds to her leg and left side. Doctors say she won't be able to walk on her own for another year.

Hunt won't give any details about the night and she says she doesn't want to put the blame on anyone, but she says CCA could have done some things to prevent the standoff and the Sheriff's Office could have reacted differently in the end.