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Low carb diets continue to be popular this year. It's the number one way people say they hope to lose weight in 2005.

How about starting with a low-carb breakfast cereal? Yes, there are such things, but how do low-carb cereals taste? That's the subject of this Frugal Friday report.

Some low-carb cereals have an artificial aftertaste, but there are some that taste good. Low-carb cereals cost about the same as traditional cereals. The difference? Low-carb cereals have about 110 to 120 calories per ounce, and they have a lot more protein

Cutting carbs is still a dieting rage. If you want to try it, why not begin with the most important meal of the day: breakfast. In a taste test, Good Housekeeping staffers munched their way through four brands of low-carb cereals.

Seventeen out of 20 tasters rated "Keto Frosted Flakes Honey Nut" at the bottom of their list. It has just three grams of net carbs, and it's made with soy, wheat and corn.

Tester: “I found the texture to be very rubbery, and besides that it had a very bitter artificial aftertaste.”

The "Atkins Morning Start Crunchy Almond Crisp" was rated only fair.

"Post Carbwell Golden Crunch Cereal" had more net carbs, nine grams, but the testers were happier with the taste.

Winning the most kudos among the low carbs was Kellogg’s new "Special K
for a Low-Carb Lifestyle,” Good Housekeeping says.

Delia: “Testers preferred this one over the others because of its crunchy texture and whole grain taste. The flakes are made with a combination of rice, soy and wheat.

Kellogg's Special K also had nine grams of net carbs.

So if you're a carb-conscious dieter, that takes care of breakfast. Did you know there are now more than 1,500 foods and beverages that call themselves low-carb? Sales of low-carb foods could hit $30 billion this year.

Manufacturers' Contacts:

Keto Frosted Flakes

Post Carb Well High Protein Cereal
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Kellogg’s Special K
269-961-3799 (Jenny Enochson)

Atkins Cereal
212-457-9240 (Corey Martin)