Kindergartener Killed

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It's a parent's worst nightmare, losing a child. In the last three days two area families have lost little ones in tragic car accidents.

On Wednesday an 11-year-old was drug to her death by a school bus. Then Thursday night a Bayou George family held onto eachother for strength as their youngest died in front of their home.

It's one of those freak accidents that can happen anywhere. Twenty-five-year-old Joseph Simmons was backing out of his driveway Thursday evening around 5:30 when his youngest daughter ran behind the car. He didn't see her, and in a moment five-year-old Emily's young life ended.

Friday family and friends tried to understand why this random tragedy could have hit so close to home. Emily was in kindergarten at Tommy Smith Elementary, her big sister Brittany in first grade.

School officials sat down with both girls' classmates to explain why the sisters weren't in school Friday. When you lose someone close it's the little everyday reminders of that person that are the hardest to get through.

As I left the Simmons' home Friday a big yellow school bus rolled by to drop the neighborhood kids off. Emily's parents turned away knowing their youngest daughter wouldn't come bounding down the street home from school Friday.

Friends and family opened an account to help the Simmons' pay for Emily's funeral expenses. The account is at Tyndall Federal Credit Union.