DNA Testing to Identify Deadbeat Dads in Florida

The Bush administration in Tallahassee wants to launch a new crackdown on deadbeat dads.

Gov. Jeb Bush says there are too many kids born to single moms, and since many of the dads are never identified, they can never be forced to pay child support.

Bush told reporters, "Four out of 10 babies born in our state are born out of wedlock. That’s a fairly remarkable statistic that becomes the statistic that then drives our efforts as it relates to child support. There are 800,000 children in our state today who have no legally identified father."

Bush wants the state to pay for genetic testing of newborns so the father can be identified.

"If you tested positive through DNA, you’re the dad. It’s not subject to court review, DNA is DNA is DNA, and so changing the process so that we can speed it up to identify who the father is could be an element of our reforms."

The governor also wants to simplify the legal process so moms can get an order requiring child support without having to go to court.