It's a Winner!

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The Florida Lotto jackpot had no winners Saturday night, so the jackpot rose to a whopping $60 million, but a local man was a big winner with not one, but two scratch-off tickets this weekend.

Tony Whitesides buys scratch-off tickets pretty often; he has even won several hundred dollars on these tickets. It all started Saturday night when Whitesides went to the Power Stop convenience store off Highway 231 where he bought a "Gold Rush" scratch-off ticket.

It was a $500 winner, so he went back to the store Sunday morning to redeem the money, and of course, he had to buy another scratch-off ticket. His luck really paid off, this time to the tune of $10,000.

"We just bought a new house. We close December 31st, so this couldn't have come at a better time. It'll be the best Christmas in a long time."

Five hundred dollars with the Gold Rush scratch-off and his wife says he shared the money with his friends and family, so maybe the giving season rubbed off in his direction again this time.