Local Man Dies When His Own Car Rolls Over Him

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State troopers have identified a Bay County man whose car rolled over him and killed him Monday afternoon.

Witnesses say 47-year-old Charles Timothy Bazzell was working on his Chrysler Labaron in the Big-K K-mart parking lot on Panama City Beach.

The car apparently shifted into gear, ran over Bazzell, and pinned him underneath.

A number of K-mart customers saw the whole thing unfold.

They ran to Bazzell to help.

Five men tried to lift the car off of his body, eventually using a car jack to finally elevate it.

But his leg was lodged between the tired and the wheel well, making it impossible for the samaritans to free him.

"I was just in shock. I tried my hardest to get it off of him. Right as we lifted the car they said he was dead," says Michael Pelfrey.

Unfortunately their efforts didn't pay off, Bazzell died at the scene.