Crane Accident

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Work has yet to resume at the Harbour Village construction site in St. Andrews because of yet one more crane accident. Officials with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are now investigating Brice Building Company and Landmark General Construction for this accident.

They say it's not their responsibility to shut down a job site, but they strongly warn against opening any site that is hazardous to employees. Just down the street from Harbour Village, the owners of the St. Andrews Coffee House hope the condo actually opens its doors next year.

Ellen Mapelsden says she already knows some of their new neighbors.

"We've met some of the new people that are going to be living over in some of the condos, super, they get the old town feel and they want to be part of it."

But they're also cautious about expectations of rapid growth.

"It took about 20 years for St. Andrews to die, for those of us who remember, and it's going to take a while for it to come back because it's being done in a really well-planned and hopefully thought-out way."

Nancy Wengel, the St. Andrews Waterfront Project coordinator, says business owners aren't expecting a sudden onset of new business when the condo does open.

"I think the condos are pretty much on schedule. I'm not sure we'll see an immediate day when everybody moves into their new homes there, so I think we'll still see a gradual increase when it does open."

And when the doors do open, business owners will gladly open their doors to their new neighbors.

According to officials with OSHA, the crane operator was at fault for the first crane accident. The second and third accidents are still under investigation.

Workers say they hope to get other cranes in Tuesday to remove the toppled crane from the structure.