Jackson County Emergency Management

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This year's four-major hurricanes have Florida’s Emergency Management Officials looking for ways to improve their operations.

Jackson County recently installed a new National Weather Service transmitter that will impact more than 100,000 people in Jackson, Gadsden and Liberty Counties. Citizens will now be able to tune into national weather reports.

Prior to the transmitter going up, Jackson was in a dead zone for the national weather frequency. The transmitter will also have the ability to break into radio transmissions in the case of tornado or other emergency situations.

"As soon as that is spotted on radar, they will kick of a signal from Tallahassee or where ever and it will transmitted to that transmitter immediately set off all these radios warning about the tornado. It will give them anywhere from two to five minutes time to seek shelter,” explains Jackson County EOC Dir. Rodney Andreasen.

Citizens in Jackson County can also get emergency alerts on the Internet as well. All you have to do is register at www.emergencymanager.org.