Parents Concerned About New School and an Old Landfill

Former Washington County Commissioner Charles Brock is trying to ease the minds of parents whose children will be going to the new Vernon High School.

Part of the land where the school is being built used to be a dump site. The landfill was closed in the early 80s, but some parents are worried about possible contamination.

Brock says the only part of the school on the old landfill site will be the driveway, and he tells NewsChannel 7 the school won't get its water from the surrounding property.

“It's all city water and city sewage going to all the facilities out there. There are no pumps involved. As far as the landfill being involved, the school is not directly on the dump site. It's adjacent to it,” Brock explains.

Vernon Middle School, which is next door to the new school site, already uses city water and sewage.