Fumbled Festival

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The Tourist Development Council got some bad weather news. The organization won't be collecting rain insurance for the washed out Indian Summer Festival.

That's just part of the big news regarding the beleaguered event. Apparently TDC staff didn't properly fill out the insurance paperwork, so the insurance company is denying the $55,000 rain claim.

The TDC is already appealing this decision, but at this point this year's Indian Summer Festival will lose $150,000 overall and after three straight losing years, the TDC board unanimously voted Tuesday to turn the festival over to a private company.

A local security and production company is already throwing its hat in the ring to take over the festival. Joe Kennedy of Joe Kennedy Enterprises, who had previously been a part of the seafood festival, is ready to take it back.

"If we're lucky enough to be rewarded the seafood festival, we'll run it like a business. We'll make it for people to come and enjoy and have a good time. We'll bring in the right entertainment and we'll structure the festival where people will want to come and continue to come."

There is no word yet as to when the TDC will make a decision on a contract with a private company. We'll have more on the future of the Indian Summer Festival Tuesday night at 10:00.