Annexation Wars Heat Up

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Lynn Haven is once again crossing the bailey bridge annexing 22 acres that sits right on North Bay next to Southport.

In a three to two vote, commissioners said the property owner has a right to be annexed into the city, but Bay County officials and some angry Lynn Haven residents say the move is not legal and will cost the city more than it’s worth to acquire the profitable land.

It's not the first time Lynn Haven has crossed North Bay to expand its city limits. Lynn haven annexed the waterfront property where Marina Bay Condominiums now stand in the late 90s. Now, the city is annexing a 22-acre site where a developer plans to build a subdivision.

The developer wanted to be annexed into the city because he says Lynn Haven provides better services than Bay County. County officials tried to stop the city from annexing the property. The county argues that the move is illegal because Florida statutes say a city cannot jump over a body of water to expand their borders.

Some residents agree and say the annexation will cost Lynn Haven because of the fire, police and utility services the city will have to provide.

City officials say they have a different interpretation of Florida statutes. They say the annexation is completely legal and the city has a right to expand its borders.