PAEC Online Training

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For nearly 40 years, the Panhandle Area Education Consortium has been helping Florida's rural educators improve their teaching skills.

Over the last few years, the organization has developed one of the nation's most sophisticated training programs, providing online training and broadcast workshops. One of the state's top education officials came to Chipley to take a look at the unique program.

Florida's Chancellor of Education Jim Warford made his way to the Panhandle Monday.

"Training is very important to me, how we can leverage the existing technology that PAEC has created to do a better job for teachers throughout the state," he says.

He stopped by the Panhandle Area Educational Consortium in Chipley for the first time to get an up close and personal look at the services it provides to educators statewide.

Paula Lovette Waller, Executive Director of PAEC, says, "Chancellor Warford was visiting us today to look at our technology, our infrastructure in order to be able to work with the state initiatives having to do with professional development using technology."

Chancellor Warford says that technology has improved and will continue to improve the level of education in our state.

"By building the capacity in our teachers and our principals, providing them the latest tools to give our students what they need to be successful in what they need to be successful in today’s very competitive technology based world."

He says facilities like this one in Chipley will keep Florida ahead of the game when it comes to education.

"Florida is leading the nation in raising student achievement. Our students are improving faster than any other students in the nation.

The Panhandle Area Education Consortium has been providing support services to rural schools for over 35 years. PAEC broadcasted over the Florida Education Channel. You can also see their online broadcast at