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It's the new, high-tech way to express how you feel about yourself or someone else, but online bullying is much more dangerous because it's anonymous.

A popular online community diary for kids in our area is Teens post their picture, birthday, where they go to school, and some even give a play-by-play of their daily events. Then other teens can log onto your child's page and express how they feel about him or her without a face-to-face confrontation.

Local school officials say parents need to be aware of the potential dangers.

"You need to find out your child's user ID, find out their password and monitor who's contacting your child and how they're talking. They're very open on their xanga page about parties they go to and about what they're doing. You see how these students really talk when you're not with them," says Carol Ann Whitehurst, Arnold High School Assistant Principal.

You can check your child's xanga page by logging onto and then enter your child's username.

Whitehurst is planning an Internet seminar for parents during the first week of March to teach them how to monitor their child's online behavior.