ACI Followup

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Prison officials are trying to find out what went wrong this week when a riot broke out at the Apalachee Correctional Institution in Sneads. Eleven corrections officers were hurt when a fight got out of hand.

When an inmate at the Apalachee Correctional Institution in Sneads expressed his concern about threats from another inmate, Florida Department of Corrections spokesperson Sterling Ivey says that's when correction officers made an attempt to restrain Nakia Huggins, who is serving two life sentences, to question him about the accusations.

Sterling Ivey says, "At that time inmate Huggins displayed a homemade shank or knife, attempted to stab and swing at both Sgt. Wheats and Ofc. Wilks."

Huggins would not be successful in his attempts to hurt either officer.

"When four additional staff members arrived, Sgt. Johnson grabbed inmate Huggins attempting to place him on the ground to put handcuffs on him, at which time inmate Huggins reached around and stabbed Sgt. Johnson in the torso."

Even more officers would then make their way into the rec yard where the incident was happening, but they were met by other inmates who assaulted them.

It would take officers at least 45 minutes to control the riot that involved over 50 inmates.
About 52 inmates have been disciplined and face possible outside charges ranging from aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer all the way to inciting a riot.

Sgt. Josh Johnson, who was stabbed in the incident, was able to drive himself to the hospital where he was treated and released. His injuries are being described as non-life-threatening.

Ten of the 11 officers were back on the job Tuesday. ACI has already shipped over 100 inmates to other prisons while they investigate the incident.