Smash N' Grab

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Authorities are calling the robberies “smash and grabs.” They began last month and could be related. Someone has been breaking into so called "head" shops on Panama City Beach.

The latest robbery happened Monday at the Thomas Drive Alice's White Rabbit novelty store. Thieves made off with clothes and other trinkets leaving empty racks. Store employees estimate almost $15,000 of merchandise was taken.

Just down the road, Condom Knowledge was also broken into. Here they took cigars and small scales that could be used to measure drugs.

Authorities say both smash and grabs are very similar. For instance, glass doors at Alice's White Rabbit and Condom Knowledge were both shattered, but they have stopped short of calling them related.

Ruth Sasser of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office says, “We just seem to have a rash of them over a short period of time and we're looking at them very careful to determine whether or not they are indeed, could have been done by the same group of people or person. Don't know that for sure right now.”

We're hearing several more stores have been broken into including the Party Shack on Front Beach Road. One employee says the robberies couldn't have come at a worse time, right before spring break.

If you have any info about these robberies, please call the Bay County Sheriff's Office at 747-4700.