San Blas Lighthouse Project

An important piece of Gulf County's history will not be lost to the sea. Work crews made sure of that Thursday when they moved a Cape San Blas house to a new safer location.

The house is one of the old two lighthouse keeper’s quarters. Like its twin, it will be restored.

The lighthouse and the homes have a colorful history. The first one was built in 1845. Hurricanes, Gulf waters and fires wiped out the first structures.

The oldest of the two remaining homes was built in 1917, one for the lighthouse keeper and one for his assistant.

But time has taken a toll on them and the lighthouse, so the St. Joseph Historical Society, along with Gulf County leaders and Eglin Air Force Base, began a campaign to save them.

Historical Society members Danny Raffield and Charlotte Pierce say this project has been a passion for them.

"Today we're preserving a piece of history that future generations can come and touch and feel and see. They have been moved from down near the water to where they are today. They will be restored to period history, be used as an educational tool for schools and let people see how keepers and their families lived."

The state of Florida also kicked in a $300,000 grant to help with this restoration project.