Marianna Renovation

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Condemned or abandoned buildings can eyesores for any community, but Marianna authorities are also finding them a haven for everything from criminals to stray animals, and they're trying to change that.

The city of Marianna is taking action against such properties in their community.

A few neighborhoods in Marianna may soon see a change in their landscape.

Mike Pierce says, "It's really a good thing. It's been a long past time for that to be destroyed."

Mike Pierce is talking about the house across the street from his that made the city's list of dilapidated homes.

"We have gone through the process of contacting the owners to see if they would clear the properties up. We've been unsuccessful in doing so."

The City Commission will now allocate $53,000 of their budget to the demolition of these buildings. People in this community say they won't be disappointed when these eyesores finally leave their neighborhood.

"That particular building has been an eyesore for several years. It's been a haven for many stray animals, cats, dogs who go into other people's yards and destroy property."

Ernest McInnis says, “Nobody's really doing anything about them sick cats, dying cats, and I'll be glad to see that building go."

This city will start with seven buildings, but there are over 200 properties like this in Marianna.

Louy Harris, Marianna City Manager, says, “As far as dilapidated homes, we're gonna demolish the structure, clean up the property and place a lien on those properties. We hope we can recover the cost associated with cleaning these up so that the city and the tax payers aren't burden with that in the future."

The city recently ran a survey to find these properties that did not meet city codes. They are now in the process are preparing bid proposals for their demolition.