They Serve Too

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They are the ones who have to wait, they're left behind when a family member leaves to serve, and the same danger the soldier faces everyday is felt by those here at home.

A single yellow ribbon is tied to a tree at the Weingart's Lynn Haven home, a simple reminder that this family is not complete, left waiting for the return of a husband and father.

Jodi Weingart says she married Michael just three years ago. They had been waiting for the right time to have a baby together, but timing is never perfect.

"We just had this wonderful child. This is my husband's first baby."

Michael Weingart is a sergeant in the Army Reserves out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He got the call last October to go to Iraq and missed the birth of his new daughter, Marissa. She'll be one year old when he comes home.

"It was devastating. We waited a long time to have children of our own. It was never the right time and it just happened. Then he got called away and again it wasn't the right time."

While Michael is overseas, life at home continues, but 13-year old Justin says life definitely did not get easier with his step-dad out of the house.

"I do a lot more work in the yard and help my mom out more."

"Amber here helps me out all the time with the baby. They both help with the housework and chores."

Life is not the same for this family of four, but they will share this husband and father until it's time to come home.

"He's protecting the country," says Justin, "I'm just proud of him."

"We're getting through. We're counting down the days."

Days filled with love and support, says Weingart, and a hope that their service at home will end soon.