Chopper Crash Update

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There are more developments Tuesday morning in the case of a pilot who died Sunday in a helicopter crash in Bonifay.

Monday night Melody Dorssey told Newschannel 7 the medical examiner’s office here in Bay County gave her the autopsy results that revealed her husband didn't die the way she thought he might have.

There was some speculation that 55-year-old Roy Dorssey suffered a heart attack just before his chopper crashed in the front yard of a Bonifay home Saturday morning, but Melody Dorssey contends her husband was in good health and the autopsy results reveal he died from a blow to the head.

Meanwhile, National Transportation Safety Board investigators continue to focus on the chopper wreckage itself, trying to find a cause for the crash. The wreckage has been cleaned up and now the investigation begins.

Dennis Lee, Holmes County Sheriff, says, "They moved the wreckage into a storage building here and they are looking at it along with the FAA and the manufacturer of the helicopter is here too."

Many questions remain unanswered this early in the case, but officials from the National Transportation Safety Board say they plan to document and examine every inch of this helicopter until they find out exactly what happened in Holmes County that Saturday morning.

John Lovell, NTSB Investigator, says, "I have instructed and have been taking action to have the engine secured and sent to a lab for analysis in Arizona, so again we don't know everything about it, but we're continuing to press on."

Preliminary findings have not revealed any evidence of a mechanical issue with the helicopter. Investigators say it could be months before we find out what really happened.

"We give an estimate of about six months. A factual point will be sent from me in my office to the board in Washington, D.C. and they're the ones that will do an independent review and determine the probable cause of the accident."

The aircraft’s history will also be examined as part of the investigation.

Roy Dorssey was a Vietnam veteran who was awarded the Bronze Star for his service. He flew for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and was in Bonifay this weekend, surveying the eagle population.

The Dorssey family is planning memorial service in Marianna on February 19.