Welcome Home

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It's a homecoming these members of the Army Reserve's 509th Transportation Detachment has been waiting for since they left for Kuwait a year ago.

Reservist Jonathan Grant just couldn't stop smiling.

"It's just good to be home. When you spend that much time away from everyone you know, everyone you love, it's just fantastic to see all my friends, all my family. It's overwhelming."

Pamela Casson, a single mom, had to leave her mom in charge at home while she went to Kuwait. They both agreed it was time to come home.

"It's unexplainable. It's great, it's great. There's no place in the world like the U.S. or Panama City."

While they were stationed in Kuwait, many say it was contact from back that helped the days go by.

Reservist Lonnie James says today's technology was a blessing.

"It helped a great deal. I was able to communicate with my family at least once every other day either by Internet or by phone. It was a very big morale booster not only for myself, but for my fellow soldiers."

Grant agrees, saying his family often just wanted a message knowing he was ok.

"Something goes wrong, there's some concern. I can check my e-mail. If anyone has any questions, I can answer them, so there's constant communication with family and friends."

Grant's father, Steve, says the constant of the communication helped him get through each day.

"Especially when you would hear something that would happen over in that area. You could get a message out real quick and get a response to know that they were

But seeing that everyone was ok was even better.