Veteran Diplomas

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It took more than 50 years, but three veterans achieved a lifelong goal Wednesday, graduating from high school.

Seventy-one-year-old Donald "Mac" McCann is proud of his diploma. He waited more than 50 years for it. In 1951, then 17-year-old Mac dropped out of school and joined the Army.

Donald says, "All my friends were getting drafted or signing up."

Soon after he was shipped off to Korea.

"I was in the tank core. We would drive up on the mountains and shoot across the valley and then high-tail it out of there."

Three years later with a family to support, there just wasn't time to go back to high school.

"I worked for the city of Atlanta, Georgia. I put in 36 years."

Much of that he patrolled the streets as a police officer. Wednesday, the Bay County School Board honored Mac and two others with high school diplomas.

The diplomas are from the state Board of Education. Mac would have graduated in Ohio.