Back Beach Congestion

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Most commuters are used to rush hour traffic, but the congestion at one Panama City Beach intersection is lasting much longer than an hour.

Department of Transportation officials say the congestion problem at Back Beach Road and Thomas Drive won't be solved until the eastbound flyover project is done. It's an explanation that doesn't satisfy most drivers waiting in this traffic day in and day out.

Department of Transportation officials say they've checked the timing of the traffic signal and that's not the problem. They say it's an increased volume of traffic, and the problem will get worse before it gets better.

"With the tourism season just kicking off in Panama City we can't say it's going to get any better. Hopefully with the completion of [the] elevated roadway will ease up the traffic. The elevated roadway will go over Thomas Drive, so you won't have the bottleneck that you have now," says Tommie Speights of the Department of Transportation.

The elevated eastbound roadway is included in the first phase of the Thomas Drive flyover project and is expected to be done by February or March of next year.