Speaking Computer

Imagine having the ability to speak your entire life, then permanently losing your voice.

Most people in that predicament learn to adjust, but for some there may be a way for them to regain their communication skills.

When doctors diagnosed Jimmey Bailey with cancer, the surgery to remove the malignancy left him mute. That was several years ago.

Despite the inabliltiy to talk, Bailey was able to return to work at the Department of Transportation in Chipley. He learned to adjust, writing everything he wanted to say on paper, but today life changed for Jimmey Bailey.

The American Cancer Society presented him with a Lifebook P-Series speaking computer. It enables him to carry on conversations with the stroke of a few keys.

Jimmey says, "I had surgery over five years ago on March 22, 1999. It sure saves having to write everything."

Jimmey Bailey's been an employee of FDOT for over 30 years. He plans to retire at the end of this month.